What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Kevin Durant

Anyone that has watched the NBA Playoffs has “witnessed” the blossoming of Kevin Durant. The 6'9″ Small Forward with a 7'5″ wingspan has put on a display which has taken him from a great player to a household name. Leading his team to the NBA Finals, Durant is 4 wins away from bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy to Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant was born in Washington D.C. and attended high school in Maryland and Virginia. The road hasn't been easy, but there are a few things that entrepreneurs can learn from this year's scoring champion:

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  1. Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails to Work Hard – Kevin Durant understand the importance of working hard so that he can get better and reach his goal of being the best to ever play the game. Success is preceded by hard work and Durant has put hours and hours of time in the gym which has translated to his overall game. Entrepreneurs should take the same mindset to their ventures. The time spent growing and improving yourself and your business will translate to the success of your venture. It might be sales, leadership, or any particular skill you want to improve. Taking time to hone your craft just like the Oklahoma City Thunder Star will only pay off in the long run.
  2. Humility Goes A Long Way – Durant is a confident player, but he is also very humble and works hard to be successful. Even thought he works hard, he does not find the need to boast or brag; he is one of the most humble athletes. Entrepreneurs don't have to be arrogant about their abilities or their ventures, they should practice humility.
  3. You're Only As Good As Your Team – One of the most maligned athletes is on Durant's own team–Russell Westbrook. The media continues to question Westbrook's decision, but Durant understand it takes teams to win and to reach that goal Durant has to lean on his teammates. It has been his leadership and support for his teammates which has helped Oklahoma City get to the Finals. Entrepreneurs have to understand that your success and ability will only take you so far. If you can't lead and recruit talented people, your venture will only go so far.

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