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Why Washington D.C. is a Great Place to be an Entrepreneur

A month ago, VentureBeat published a post about the Washington D.C. startup scene. While the District has been a great place for professionals to network and advance their careers, it hasn’t been known as hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship.

That perception is changing. In celebration of DC Entrepreneurship Week, DMV CEO is reminding people what makes Washington D.C. a great place to be an entrepreneur. Washington D.C. is not only America’s capital, but it is also the Nation’s capital when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation.

DC Entrepreneurship Week – Throughout the week, DC Entrepreneurship Week will connect entrepreneurs with local leaders, capital and resources so they may successfully collaborate on current and future business opportunities to create new jobs and economic growth in the greater Washington D.C.

Colleges and Universities – There are very prominent colleges and universities located in the Washington D.C. area including American University, George Mason University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Howard University and the University of Maryland. College and Universities are generally a place for innovation and creativity which are also needed in startups.

DC Tech MeetupFounded in 2011, The DC Tech Meetup brings together technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and the innovation community to share and learn. Every month this community comes together to see demos, product launches and network.

Accelerator Companies and OrganizationsEndeavor DC provides support to consumer internet startups to gain traction and funding, Acceleprise is an accelerator program that connects companies working to solve enterprise problems with mentors, partners and customers and, which nutures investors and entrepreneurs.

Culture – Washington D.C. is a diverse and transient area with residents from across the world. With diversity comes the exchange of new ideas and new outlooks.

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Education – Stellar colleges and universities make Washington D.C. one of the most educated places in the world. To solve the world’s problems, you want the most educated people you can find. Washington D.C. has them.

Affluence – One of the most affluent places in the world, the DMV area has some of the richest counties in the world. Entrepreneurs and business owners know that access to capital is one of the reasons for failure.

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