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DMV Resources: Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce (DMV CEO)

The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce was originally founded in 1925 as an advocacy organization and touts itself as the largest and most influential Chamber of Commerce in the Northern Virginia area with members across the DMV area. 

The Chamber represents half a million employees and offers opportunities for connections, relationships to help organizations and businesses grow. 

The Chamber’s mission is to support the members and their needs. Their goal is to be a partner in business and a change agent for their members through programming, events, advocacy, awards and promotion of members. 

What does the chamber do? 

  • Business Advocacy – The Northern Virginia Chamber has its own NOVABIZPAC and Policy Committee to advocate on behalf of members. 
  • Business Dev – With over 100 events each year, events range networking, forums, roundtables with speakers, industry experts and thought leaders. 
  • Business Savings – They offer opportunities to save money on business expenses. 
  • Business Services – Including listing on job board, notary and certificate of origin services
  • Business Connections – Councils available include GovCon, Women in Business, Veteran and Military Business and Non-profit and Association Management. 

How to get involved? You may contact the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce directly, sign up for their Doing Business newsletter, engage or social media. 

Why should you know about this resource? Any resource that touts itself as the “largest” and most “influential” is one that you should know about. 

There are many resources for entrepreneurs and business owners in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia to help and support entrepreneurs and business owners. We take a look at the resources that you should know about in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Check out 150 more resources at

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