3 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Unique Side About Being an Entrepreneur in DC, Maryland & Virginia

Being a DMV(DC, Maryland and Virginia) entrepreneur comes with loads of benefits making it unique to run a business in any of these states.  DC has diverse working communities implying that the state has fresh ideas booming that companies can utilize to build a thriving business. From virtual reality to filmmakers, there's more that DC has to offer that fosters a collaboration of various industries. Maryland on the hand has its economy mainly supported by small businesses, a clear indication of favorable conditions to run a business in the place. Virginia's proximity to Washington DC and accessibility of major highways as well as airports facilitate maximum productivity. Additionally, the several research facilities enable advancement of technology which is an important element for the successs of any business today.

Here's what entrepreneurs had to say about the unique side of running a business in the three states.

#1- Feels like a community

Photo Credit: Leif Frey

The DMV has a good start-up scene: relatively small, and fairly tight-knit. I didn't realize just how (relatively) small the DMV start-up scene was until stepping outside of DC. Other cities, like SF, have an almost overwhelming start-up community. This can be useful, because the opportunities are almost innumerable, but in DC it feels much, much, much more like a community. It's easier to connect and develop relationships with other start-up founders, because you're part of a smaller subset of the community than in SF, so you both see each other more often, and you feel a little bit more of a communal bond, because you're not just one of the multitude.

Thanks to Leif Frey, FREY!

#2- Diversity and proximity of the regions

Photo Credit: Danielle Berman

Being a CEO in the DMV area is great because there are so many different kinds of people that make up the populations of the different urban areas. Some weeks I am in DC for some meetings, a networking event in Baltimore, and then a dinner meeting in Northern Virginia. The proximity of these three different regions makes it a great place to start a business- there is just a lot of opportunity out there.

Thanks to Danielle Berman, DB Consulting!

#3-You’re constantly running into people who grew up in the area

Photo Credit: Zvi Band

One of the more unique things about being in the DC area is, despite being a very transient city (many people only stay 3-5 years in the area), given the long-standing history of good schools and great neighborhoods, you’re constantly running into people who grew up in the area. They often still have families in the area, and there is a strong pull to migrate back to the region at some point later in their career. We and many other companies have capitalized on this when searching for talent – people who grew up in the area, and are now looking to move back and settle down, rather than asking they relocate to a city they have no connection to.

Thanks to Zvi Band, Contactually!

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