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College Friends Create On-Demand Grooming Service for Men on the Move

This week we spoke to Killian Lewis, Crystal Allen, and Morgan Winbush – co-founders of The Haus Call. These three college friends build a business of on-demand grooming for men on the move. Upon finding out just how hard it was to schedule in some pampering time, the trio built The Haus Call. Likened to “Uber for Haircuts”, the co-founders have their eye on expansion to some of the largest cities in the country – including the DMVTo learn more about the company, visit The Haus Call or follow them on Twitter.

Check out the full episode above or some highlights from our chat with the trio below.

ei5helsx_400x400Their Background

We are all Howard University graduates and we’ve been friends for 6 plus years now. We got the idea because Morgan wanted to get her nails done at work. She knew she didn’t have time to go out but she wanted someone to do her nails. We got together and thought about what we could do to have an on-demand service. We originally wanted to service women but we figured out quickly that men – and typically black men – were in need of an on-demand grooming app. Crystal serves as the chief technology officer, Killian serves as our CEO, and Morgan serves as the chief marketing officer. We all help each other with whatever is needed for the business but we try and stick to our lanes and what we’re passionate about.

Their Business

The Haus Call is an on-the-go grooming service targeted to men of color. Basically it’s Uber for haircuts to put it in certain terms. Men can go on their phone, click on the app, and see if there’s a barber in their area. They can schedule a barber ahead and on-demand. The function of the app is they can see when their barber will arrive. It’s going to be simple haircuts, facials, and scalp massages and add-ons if they want to. We know people are very particular about who cuts their hair and barbers on the app will have to upload pictures of what they’ve done and peer recommendations.

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Advice for Business Owners

I would tell them to stick to it. Aside from a lack of funding, I believe one of the main factors which comes between a business idea and success is a lack of “stick-to-it-ness”. It is really hard sometimes with the day-to-day things that go on. Things that go on in your personal life, you may have a career going on, and it can be really easy to just set it to the side. I think that if you stick to your idea and your business goals, you’ll see them come to fruition. The key is to just stay with it. Even if you just do it little by little, day by day, and just scratch one thing off your list for the day or week. Just keep moving forward. I would also say not only to stick to your business goals but also your co-founders if you have those. My co-founders are two of my closest friends so we share a common thread of respect and trust that binds us together. We’re able to trust each other and know that even if one of us isn’t in the room, things will be handled appropriately. I think that’s pivotal in the success of any business.

What Makes the DMV Great for Businesses?

The DMV has a large population of black and women-owned small business. We want to be a part of that. Additionally the DMV area has better access to the cabinet level department of the US government. While there are government agencies all over the company most of them are headquartered here. It makes it easier to access grants and funds and access money for your business. Those are two of the main reasons why it’s great to be an entrepreneur here and also to launch your business.

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