Owner of Northern Virginia Bridal Shop Honors Her Mother

The golden rule of doing onto others as you would have them do unto you is the guiding principle of Labella Bridal & Consignment Boutique located in Occoquan, Virginia.  Ellalyne Brayman the owner of the shop speaks about her roots in Sierra Leone, her time in the United Kingdom and the influence of her mother in her life and the shop.

If people pay me a compliment, it's a compliment to my mother.

Brayman has worked at Vera Wang, David's Bridal & Demetrios brides and her shop provides after Five Gowns, Bridal Gowns, formal wear, evening wear, prom dresses, couture gowns and accessories. Finally, the shop even does alterations at Labella Too.

There's a lot of emotions in the bridal industry. You have to be really emotionally in-tuned to these women when they come in to look for that perfect dress.  

Brayman explained one of her initial difficulties was finding the right people, but now that she has found great staff she is learning how to delegate. Her and her  staff  focuses on three things: the brides budget, her style and most importantly listening to what the bride's wants and desires.

Labella Bridal Boutique is not just a clothes shop. We are about relationships. 



Labella Bridal Boutique is a client of Blue 16 Media.

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