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Electrical Engineer by Day & Fashion Blogger by Night

Kavita Mainkar is an Electrical Engineer by day and popular Fashion Blogger by night. Born and raised in India, where she developed her love of fashion, Mainkar would design and create her own Indian style clothing. Largely because her father was an Engineer, she knew that would be her future. Kavita moved to the United States during high school and after she graduated she received her masters from George Washington University. She now currently works for the United States Navy on projects such as a $500 million project to help design a new and innovative amphibious assault ship for the Navy. Even though being an engineer is important to her, it is her passion for fashion hasn’t wavered and she’s still working on her fashion blog Fashion Diaries by K. She mixes luxury fashion brands such as Chanel with lower-end brands like Zara. 
DMV CEO spoke with Mainkar:  

Why did you start your blog / business? 

FashionDiariesbyK: I started my fashion blog as a creative outlet to project my passion for mixing textures, colors, prints, and shape to create outfits that are chic yet edgy.  I have been painting since I was little and have been doing it for 20 years now, I have translated that creativity into fashion, and want to share it with the world.

What makes your blog / business unique? 

FashionDiariesbyK: I tend to pair high end brands with street style, with a hint of edginess. I work on showing unique color combinations, and I always work on make-up that helps the outfit stand out.

How has your childhood influenced your blog / business? 

FashionDiariesbyK: Absolutely, I was born and raised in India, and my parents enrolled me in painting classes at the age of 4, since that day I have enjoyed mixing and playing with colors, patterns, and shapes, it has been one of my biggest inspirations while putting outfits together. My mom has been my biggest inspiration.

Why is the DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia) a good place to be an blogger / entrepreneur? 

FashionDiariesbyK:  I think the DMV area has an up and coming fashion scene, particularly in the fashion blogging world and I think it is really exciting to be a part of it and grow with it. 

Does engineering help you out with your blog? 

FashionDiariesbyK: Yes, definitely to an extent specifically when it comes to structured clothing and playing with different shapes and format of clothing. Also, the analytical side of engineering helps me understand the business side of fashion blogging, being a complete outsider for the fashion industry, it’s a learning curve for me and the analytical skills really come in handy.


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