Entrepreneur Develops New Platform to Promote Local Businesses

Siting in his house one day, Matt Dean, the CEO and Founder of PalmPons, had his phone in his hand and he had a thought that it would be a good idea if people would be able to publish their own offers real-time to distribute to potential clients and customers. Dean along with his team, started to work on this idea and after two years of research, design and coding, PalmPons was launched.

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Image credit: Matt Dean

Dean explained that he wanted to create an alternative to the large daily deals sites where business owners are forced to “deeply discount their products and services” with the hope of attracting clients and customers. Often the business owners have to create deals for 50% off their regular price and then have to split the profits 50/50 with the daily deal site.

For Dean, he wanted to provide a “sustainable platform that was low cost for business owners” to promote their own deals or campaigns. Dean started his business in order to give “small business owners an easy to use tool to allow them to create awareness for their business and also create awareness and generate revenue.”

How It Works

Business owners can create their own business profile and then they can create a “Snippet” which is a bite-sized sellable piece of their product or service. The business owner then can use their own price for their product or service to offer deals or sales. Once the “Snippet” is created they are distributed through the business partnership.

As Dean explains a “Snippet” is an extension of a small business where entrepreneurs can offer discounts and deals with the hope of building long-term relationship with clients and growing their brand. Understanding the current economy and how people love discounts and deals, Dean wanted to provide a platform so that entrepreneurs and business owners can reach potential clients and customers.

The Founder believes that D.C., Maryland & Virginia (DMV) is a great place to be an entrepreneur because there is so much diversity. Dean said that a lot of immigrants create businesses out of necessity because there is something from their country that isn't here. Finally, Dean said the area is “such a transient place” where people are always coming and going so good ideas can easily spread like “bed bugs.”

For those that are thinking of using daily deals sites, Dean explains that PalmPons is “not a daily deal site” but a simple way for business owners to market their business. The do-it-yourself platform will be available for iPhone soon. The team is also developing additional features for its platform.

About PalmPons

Have you tried PalmPons? Please let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are.


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