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Best Business Resources in the DMV Area

The average entrepreneur or business owner is constantly on the move. There are deadlines to meet in terms of product delivery, meetings that continue to rack up no matter how many you make, and the need to constantly be one step ahead of the game. For even the most talented multi-tasker this can be an extreme balancing act. So where exactly does an entrepreneur turn to find out how to best manage time, money, networking opportunities and entrepreneurial duties in general? If you take on the role of being an entrepreneur or business owner then one of the biggest obstacles you will face is finding the right business resources.

Trust is a major issue for some. Trusting your computer to keep your information stored correctly, trusting the bank to keep your money safe, and trusting other people to give you honest advice can make or break your business when it comes right down to it. Much like a carpenter has his tool belt with all the necessary items within arm’s reach – entrepreneurs must have a tool belt of resources to make it through the uphill battles ahead. Having resources you can trust can be the make-or-break difference with your business. In the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas the need for business resources is even more evident. The entrepreneurial upswing is alive in well in the DMV area. With it comes the need for rational, reliable, and trustworthy business resources all entrepreneurs can use.

For some, simple resources are your best bet. Having one main source for all your business needs can be like visiting an old friend and getting the best advice possible. Cari Shane of Sasse Agency says, “My favorite best business resource is the Bethesda Chevy Chamber of Commerce.” Many entrepreneurs and business owners depend on their local Chamber to give them advice, connect them with other resources, and help them grow and succeed in their business.

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Each entrepreneur has their own niche. The need for resources can be specific or broad. Laura Gross, Principle at Scott Circle, encourages female entrepreneurs to check out a group made for them. “My favorite resource is a group called Her Corner. It’s a group of serious women wanting to seriously grow their business. Not only am I surrounded by like-minded women who are or have gone through what I’m growing through, but I am learning new skills to grow my business and new ways of thinking of how to solve complex problems. I was encouraged to become a woman-owned certified business which I just accomplished this year, taught how to manage my pipeline for new clients, found resources of other consultants from marketing experts to attorneys. And, since I’ve been a member of Her Corner, my business has grown.”

A good resource is designed to help you grow your business and think of where your business is heading. Having a business resource to depend on can help in a wide variety of ways. Networking, gaining better business insight, and learning how to accomplish certain tasks can be a major reward. Limiting yourself to a few resources can hamper your climb. Having multiple, trusted places or tools to use along the way can be a major boon to your business. Denise Gavilan of Gavilan & Associates LLC finds help in a variety of places. “One of my go to resources is membership in ASAE: The Center of Assn Leadership. They offer a members-only online community, Collaborate, and I find a lot of my new business leads, invitations to networking events, webinar/professional development opportunities and resources through it. I also subscribe to BizNow newsletters; am active in the Direct Marketing Association of Washington; and subscribe to a few other emails that alert me about upcoming networking events. The Washington Business Journal's daily email is also helpful.”

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Finding the right business resource in the DMV area is important for helping your business move up instead of remain in a rut. Try getting out and making contacts. You never know what resource is right around the corner waiting to be discovered. Remember – building a business is never a one person job. It doesn’t matter how much you think you can handle, finding help is key.

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